5 Different themes

60 minutes to escape

Recommended age: 16 years

Can you crack the code?

Escape rooms at Powerarea

At Powerarea we have 5 escape rooms, each with its own theme. All escape rooms have their own story and atmosphere, for example the “Room of the Great Mysto”. This is a magician theme. Or the “The Zombie Apocalypse”, which takes place in a safe-house. Want to know more about the themes? Click on one of the themes for more information.

How does an escape room work?

An escape room is a room with a specific theme. Once you are inside, the door will “lock” and you will have 60 minutes to “crack” the lock. You do this by means of puzzles, riddles and assignments that are located in the room. But beware, because in an escape room you quickly forget the time and you are automatically included in the theme. A challenging, exciting and unpredictable game!

More than 8 indoor activities under one roof!

In addition to escape rooms, you will find even more activities at Powerarea Lemiers-Vaals. Because with a varied range of indoor activities, there is plenty to do for young and old! Try go karting on our spectacular circuit or bowling for example. Challenge your friends to a paintball or lasergame battle. There is plenty to do for everyone and every occasion, such as the best children’s party. But also bachelor parties and company parties.

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