Can you escape?

Escape Room: The Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse happened 20 centuries ago. A virus broke out and turned 99% of humanity in raging zombies. The only survivors are in a fortress and some teams are roaming around, looking for a fortress. You are one of those teams who are in a safe house. A good friend from the family, Dario Wilson, has helped with building the safe house and he will help you further to counteract the zombie attacks.

Fear Factor

€ 115,-

per escape room, based on online booking

Multiple themes

Escape Rooms Lemiers-Vaals

With multiple Escape Rooms, in various themes, there is plenty of choice at Powerarea! Search for clues, make connections, unravel the riddles, crack the codes, work together and don’t be fooled! Can you escape?

What can you expect?
  • 2 – 6 players
  • Maximum 60 minutes (No breaks)
  • Locker for personal items
  • Abuse of the emergency stop means the end of the game without a refund.

Age advisory

Our recommended age for the escape rooms is 16 years. For youth participants, an adult (18+) supervisor is required to participate in the game. The supervisor is included in the maximum number of participants.