On selected Sundays

Unlimited go karting

On selected Sundays between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. unlimited go karting at Powerarea! Buy your starting ticket in our webshop and race against other karters for an entire evening. Note! full = full

The first heat is scheduled when you purchase your start ticket. After each heat driven, you can register again at the Powerarea reception. Your next heat is planned here. Prefer a break? No problem! Report this to the reception and we will schedule the next heat later.

What can you expect?
  • 1 heat = 10 minutes
  • Guaranteed to drive 4 heats (There may be more, depending on the crowds)
  • Spectacular go-kart track with a lenght of +/- 1.000 mtr., 2 floors (multi-level) and a tunnel
  • Electric karts
  • Free rental helmet
  • Minimum age of 15 years!

Dates unlimited go karting

  • Sunday march 15th 2020
  • Sunday march 22nd 2020
  • Sunday april 5th 2020

Price and Tickets

Current prices and tickets in our webshop

Go karting at Powerarea

Read all about our spectaculaire go-kart-track!


Rules on the Go Karting Track

Our track marshall instructs in advance about the operation of the karts and the go karting rules. In addition, the marshall takes the necessary safety measures on the track. For spectacular and safe driving it is extremely important that all drivers adhere to the prescribed rules! Failure to follow these rules can lead to removal of the go-kart track, without refunds!

Follow the instructions

Follow the instructions of the track marshalls and stay in the kart until the marshall tells you, it’s safe to step out of the kart. This applies to both the go-kart track and the pit.

Drive safe

Dangerous driving and intentional collisions are strictly prohibited!


Wear firm and tight footwear. Scarves and ties are not allowed during go karting. People with long hair should fasten them as short and firm as possible

Safety equipment

Wearing the seat belt and a helmet is mandatory