Corona measures


Corona measures

Pay attention! The measures below are valid until October 14, 2020. As soon as more information is known, the measures will be adjusted to the new measures as of October 15, 2020.
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other!
  • Stay home in case of health complaints: fever, respiratory complaints (cough), cold, sneezing and/or shortness of breath, if you have been in close contact with someone who has these health conditions or if you or someone in your household is awaiting a test result for corona.
  • Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. Pay attention! Mouth masks are not available at Powerarea.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly
  • Follow the guidelines of the Dutch government, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment and on site of our employees
  • Keep aisles clear as much as possible
  • Due to the maximum number of people for this location, it is currently not possible to visit Powerarea as spectators. In this way we give as many people as possible the opportunity to reserve an activity at Powerarea. Hoping for your understanding.
  • Reservation is required! Maximum 4 persons per reservation (households excluded).
  • Book an activity here. When making a reservation you agree to the terms and conditions and corona measures of Powerarea.
  • Reference is made to our pre-registration in the booking confirmation. Here you can pre-register participants for activities. This saves time at the checkout and ensures a better flow at the entrance.
  • As always, a visit to and participation in a Powerarea activity is entirely at your own risk. Keep in mind that the situation can change daily and the government can adjust the guidelines and Powerarea must follow them. Booking an activity is therefore at your own risk. Scheduled reservations will be moved if necessary. We do not return money!
  • Disinfect your hands upon arrival.
  • All participants must register for an activity (this is outside the source and contact research). We ask everyone to pre-register via the link in the booking confirmation email. If you missed this, you can register at the registration kiosk upon arrival.
  • Fill in the registration and contact details form for source and contact investigation COVID-19 at the reception. Do you have corona related health complaints? Then we request you to leave Powerarea and move your reservation by e-mail to to a later time.
  • We request that you pay by card as much as possible
Bar area
  • Our bar area is closed in accordance with national measures. This also means that we do not serve drinks and/or food during activities such as bowling.
  • It is not allowed to move tables and chairs
  • We request everyone to immediately proceed to the activity after entering and not to take a seat in the bar area. Keep 1.5 meters distance from other guests.
  • The use of a balaclava and gloves (no plastic gloves and closed fingertips) is mandatory for go karting and paintball. You can bring these with you or buy them on site, they cost € 3,50 per set and of course you can keep them. The use of your own full face helmet in combination with gloves are also possible.
  • Gloves (no plastic gloves and closed fingertips) are mandatory for lasergame. You can bring these yourself or you can buy them on location, they cost € 2,- and of course you can keep them.
  • Every bowling lane has disinfection bottles to disinfect the bowling balls. In addition, we try to spread the seats as much as possible, keep in mind that various seats have been placed on the elevation and a part for the elevation. The seating is made based on reservation. Hoping for your understanding!
  • We ask everyone to wear a face mask for as long as possible. As soon as the activity starts, you can remove the mask and use the balaclava, if applicable. For the escape rooms we recommend wearing a face mask during the game. When bowling, the face mask can be removed as soon as you take a seat at the designated bowling lane.
  • All activities are cleaned regularly
  • The spectators section at the go-kart track is temporarily closed


I made a reservation, but got sick in the meantime. What now?

When you or one of the other participants in your party gets sick after placing the reservation. Send an email to The reservation of this person and any other participants is then put on “pause” and can be made up at a later time. We do not return money.

Redeem a third party voucher

Do you have a voucher from a third party, such as Social Deal. Then follow the regular procedure, as stated in the promotion on the website of the relevant party. Do take into account the guidelines per activity, as mentioned above. When you book you agree to our general terms and conditions and the corona measures.

Open reservations

Do you still have a reservation open due to the closure or have you postponed a reservation? Then use the reservation form below to reschedule your reservation.

    By submitting the form, you automatically agree with our terms and conditions, you are aware of the applicable guidelines and you are in good health. We assume that you act in good conscience!

    We strive to process your request within 2 hours, with a maximum of 24 hours.