About our track

The Indoor E-karting track of Powerarea Lemiers-Vaals (NL). A spectacular go-kart track for experienced and inexperienced drivers!

  • Track length of +/- 1,000 m.
  • 2 floors (multi-level)
  • A tunnel
  • Unique curves
  • Straight track sections
  • Electric karts
  • Kidskarts for children from 6 years and 1.20 m.
  • Free rental helmet

The track

Powerarea has an indoor go-kart track with a length of approximately 1,000 meters. Much time and attention has been devoted to the design of the track. The track consists of unique curves, straight track sections, two floors and a tunnel. A spectacular go-kart track with sufficient challenge for both the experienced and starting drivers!

Who can go kart?

Karting at Powerarea is suitable for both starting and experienced drivers. Go karting for kids is available from 6 years and a minimum length of 1.20 m. In addition to karting for adults (15+), we have separate heats for kids (6 to 9 years) and juniors (10 to 14 years). Riding together with the whole family? No problem! Book the same kids or junior heat for the adults and you can ride together. Pay attention! The speed can also be adjusted for adults. If you want to ride as a parent with children from both age categories, choose the kids category.

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Our Karts

At Powerarea we drive with electric karts. We have 6 children’s karts and 38 adult karts. Of course, will not be on the track simultaneously, but we work with a maximum number of karts per heat. The kids karts are of course set to a lower speed.


You can use the reverse button to reverse the kart when cannot move forward. This button is located on the ‘dashboard’ of the kart. The functions:

  • Pushing the button upwards is moving forward
  • Pressing the button down and simultaneously holding and accelerating means driving backwards
  • When you enter the pit after the heat, you put the button in “neutral” and you can no longer drive the kart

Pay attention! The reverse button is only meant to place a go-kart in reverse, when you cannot drive forward. Take a good look around you before you put the kart in reverse and take other track users into account.

Instructions & Flags

Our track marshall instructs in advance about the operation of the karts and the go karting rules. In addition, the marshall takes the necessary safety measures on the track. For spectacular and safe driving it is extremely important that all drivers adhere to the prescribed driving and flag rules:

  • Yellow flag: this is a warning flag for danger. Do not pass anymore, adjust your speed and pay attention! In some cases it may happen that we adjust the speed of the karts or even stop them alltogether. In the last case, stay in your kart and wait for instructions from the track marshalls.
  • Blue flag: this flag is used when the person behinds you wants to pass. In this case, go to the outside of the corner so that the person behind you can take the inside corner for a faster/better flow. In this way we prevent collisions.

Important rules

  • Dangerous driving and intentional collisions are strictly prohibited!
  • Wearing a the seat belt is mandatory
  • Waring a helmet is mandatory
  • Follow the instructions of the track marshalls
  • Wear firm and tight footwear 
  • Scarves and ties are not allowed during  go karting. People with long hair should fasten them as short and firm as possible

Failure to follow these rules can lead to removal of the go-kart track, without refunds!

Helmets & Clothing

Of course you can make free use of loan helmets at Powerarea. Wearing a hairnet (available for free) is mandatory. The color of the helmet is the size:

Yellow = xxs
Silver = xs
Red = s
White = m
Blue = l
Matte black = xl
Glossy black = xxl

Due to the electric karts you have no problems with emissions. That’s why you don’t need an overall. We do, however, recommend wearing long pants. With cold weather we recommend wearing gloves while go karting. Scarves and ties are not allowed during  go karting. People with long hair should fasten them as short and firm as possible


It is possible to look along the go-kart track and encourage friends and/or family. However, it is strictly forbidden to enter the go-kart track, even in the event of a collision. 

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