Presentation- & event area ‘Pitstop Café’

You enter the Pitstop café when you have passed our entrance. This is our regular bar where you can have a drink and eat something from the small menu before an activity. The Pitstop café is also available for private meetings, events, presentation, etc. outside our regular opening hours.

Practical information

  • Suitable for around 60 to 80 people (depending on the arrangement)
  • Possibilities for flipboard and / or projector
  • Coffee, tea, water and pie optional

Other options

  • Combine with a activity at Powerarea
  • Compleet your event with drinks and a diner afterwords
  • Also available outside regular opening hours

Do you want to know more about the space or are you looking for a space for more people? Feel free to contact us via or request a quote.

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