Powerarea is moving to Lemiers

Powerarea will open its doors in Lemiers in August 2019. After a relocation and renovation of about 4 months, the last details are almost done.

It has now been about 3 years since Powerarea has moved into its premises on the leisure boulevard in Kerkrade. n order to continue to surprise guests, Powerarea has continuously updated with new activities and adjustments to current activities. In the past year, options regarding changes to the go-kart track have been examined. It was concluded that further growth in the area of karting is not possible in the current building.

To make further growth possible, Powerarea has decided to relocate. At the new location there is plenty of room for an innovative and challenging go-kart track with surprising elements. The go-kart track consists of two floors, enough bends and straight sections for a potential go-kart experience!

Initially only the go-kart track and paintball area opens. The escape rooms and laser game will open later this year.