The party is not complete without a snack and a drink. And from of all those indoor activities you get thirsty and hungry. At Powerarea we have two bar locations where you can enjoy a drink and a snack in between or after the activities. For a complete package with activities and dinner, we have a wide range of buffets for every occasion at Powerarea. Enjoy a delicious power lunch, barbecue or European dishes.
  • Several hot and cold drinks
  • Various sorts Gulpener beer
  • Alcohol free beers
  • Whine and Liquors
  • Delicious cocktails and mocktails
  • Small menu with various snacks, sandwiches and snacks

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Drinks & Bites

Beer tasting

Come and have a drink in our Pitstop café and enjoy a delicious local beer tasting. At Powerarea we offer two types of beer tasting with 3 tasting glasses with different types of Gulpener beer. Our first board is a varied board with, among other things, a seasonal beer. The second tasting is with 3 sorts of Gulpener Gerardus beers. Enjoy our beer tasting with a small bite!


€ 7,95

Per beer tasting (Gerardus tasting can only be ordered per 2 persons)

Good food!


Special occasion, team outing, bachelor party or just a friends outing? Complete your day with one of our delicious buffets to complement the activities. Because of all those indoor activities a person gets hungry! With various buffets for every eating moment, there is plenty of choice. Enjoy a delicious lunch or barbecue!
Good to know!
  • Buffets can be ordered from 15 persons
  • Order at least 1 week in advance of your visit
  • Please state any special details immediately when ordering
  • Combine with activities at Powerarea