Are you a real speed devil? Then join us at Powerarea’s spectacular go-kart track in Lemiers (Vaals). Step into one of our electric karts and discover Powerarea’s indoor go-kart track.

The Powerarea kart track is approximately 1,000 metres long and consists of two levels, a tunnel and beautiful curve combinations. The track is suitable for both experienced and first-time karters! Did you know that you can kart at Powerarea from the age of 6, with a minimum height of 1.20m?

At Powerarea, you can use a loan helmet free of charge. For reasons of hygiene, it is mandatory to wear a balaclava. You can bring these yourself, but they are also available at Powerarea.



An evening of go-karting with friends, team outing with your colleagues or sports team or a bachelor party? Try go-karting at Powerarea and see who is the fastest.
  • Regular karts session (10-minute races)
  • Exclusive Grand Prix with warm-up, qualifying and race
  • Combo-Packages
  • Unlimited Go-Karting

From 6 to 14 years


At Powerarea, you can go-kart from 6 years and 1.20m. Try karting with the whole family in a family session or invite your friends for a children’s birthday party at Powerarea.
  • Regular family session for kids aged 6 to 9 and supervisors
  • Regular family session for juniors aged 10 to 14 and supervisors
  • Children's go-karting birthday party or combined with other activities
  • Combo-packages for the whole family
  • Race Academy for children up to 18 years (minimum height 1.40m.)

Fact & Figures


  • Go-KartsSodi (electric)
  • Track lengthapprox. 1,000mtr.
  • Levels2
  • Number of turns23

Fact & Figures


  • Go-KartsSodi (electric)
  • Track lengthapprox. 1,000mtr.
  • Levels2
  • Number of turns23

Good to know!

Rules on the go-karting track

  • Follow the instructions of the track-marshalls and stay in the kart until the marshall signals for you to step out. This applies both on the track and in the pit
  • Dangerous driving styles and intentional collisions are strictly forbidden!
  • Sturdy and closed footwear is mandatory (flip-flops and other footwear are not allowed)
  • Scarves, scarves and ties are not allowed during go-karting
  • Persons with long hair should tie it as short and securely as possible
  • Wearing a seatbelt and helmet is mandatory!
  • When using a loan helmet, wearing a balaclava is mandatory


What is the minimum age and height for go karting at Powerarea?

The minimum age is 6 years and a minimum height of 1.20 meters. If necessary, we can ask for identification.

Are parents/supervisors allowed to drive in the same karting sessions with children?

Yes, parents/supervisors may ride along in a family session. At Powerarea, we offer 2 family sessions.

  • Family session kids for children aged 6 to 9 and parents/supervisors
  • Family session juniors for children aged 10 to 14 and parents/supervisors

If the youngest participant is between 6 and 9 years old, older siblings aged 10 to 14 may also participate in a family session for kids.

Will (unknown) guests join me in the same karting session?

Other guests can ride along in the same karts session. If you would like to book an exclusive heat, please send an email to [email protected].

What are the dress code requirements?

At Powerarea, we drive electric karts, which means there are no emissions and no need for overalls. However, we do advise you to wear long trousers and sturdy, closed footwear is mandatory!

Wearing a helmet is mandatory. You can borrow one at Powerarea. Due to hygiene reasons, wearing a balaclava is mandatory. You may bring this yourself, but it is also available at Powerarea. Using your own integral helmet is also possible.

Can I bring my own helmet?

The use of your own integral helmet is allowed. The helmet should, of course, be in good condition.

Can I ride several heats in directly after each other?

Our standard procedure is a minimum break of 20-30 minutes between heats. Experience shows that it is important to have a break between heats. Of course, it is also fun and useful to share experiences and discuss the ideal racing-line for the next heat!