Bowling is an activity that everyone knows and is suitable for young and old! Powerarea in Lemiers-Vaals has 6 bowling lanes where you can enjoy a wonderful evening bowling with the entire team, friends and family. The bowling alleys are built in an old factory hall, trying to preserve the industrial atmosphere as much as possible. There is a bar where you can enjoy a delicious drink! Besides bowling, there are plenty of other activities at Powerarea that you can combine with bowling.
What can you expect?
  • Choose from 1 or 2 hours of bowling
  • Maximum 6 players per bowling lane
  • Free rental bowlingshoes
  • Bowling in an old factory hall with great atmosphere
  • Bar for drinks during and after bowling
  • Combine with other activities
  • For children's parties, team outings, family day, etc.


With how many people can we play on 1 bowling lane?

We use a maximum number of 6 people per bowling lanes. We have 6 bowling lanes. It is therefore possible to divide larger groups over several lanes.

How long does 1 game of bowling take?

At Powerarea you can choose between 1 hour and 2 hours of bowling.

Are there other prizes for children?

No, we use the same prices for children as adults. Children bowl on the same lanes and are given the same length of time. In addition, children can use the slide/gates free of charge as an aid to bowling.

Is it possible to have a drink while bowling?

Of course! There is a separate bar at the bowling alley. Our employees are happy to visit you to take orders, but you can also order at the bar.

Is it mandatory to wear bowling shoes?

Yes, at Powerarea you can use (loan) bowling shoes for free. Wearing socks is mandatory when using our bowling shoes.