Paintball is an adventurous team sport and offers everything for everyone who loves excitement, sportsmanship, action and competition! Take on the challenge in our area with various strategic and challenging obstacles. Each game comes with a number of paintballs as standard, but there is always the option to buy extra. Paintball is suitable for adults from 18 years old. Ideal for bachelor parties, team outings, groups of friends and arrangements.

Clothing & Footwear

Despite the overalls, clothes and footwear can get dirty. Therefore, wear older clothing and footwear during the paintball game.



What can you expect?
  • 1.5 hours paintball, incl. 100 paintballs
  • Overall, face mask and paintball gun included
  • Minimum of 6 participants per game
  • Changing room available
  • Minimum age 18 years (Identification)


What is the minimum age for paintball?

According to Dutch law and our rules, the minimum age for paintball is 18 years. Our employees can therefore also ask for a valid ID.

We have someone under the age of 18 in our group. Can this person still play paintball?

No, the minimum age of 18 for paintball is required by law. Our employees can therefore also ask for a valid ID.

Can I rent paintball equipment at Powerarea?

You can use a (loan) overall, mask and paintball weapon free of charge.

Is there a break during the paintball game?

No, there is no standard break in paintball. Would you like a break? Please mention this to the game-master. The break will be deducted from the booked time.

Are other participants also playing?

That’s certainly possible. If you want to book an exclusive session, you can send an email to [email protected]

Which clothing is suitable for paintball?

Paintball is an active game. We therefore advise you to wear comfortable clothing. Wearing sturdy and closed footwear is mandatory for all our sporting activities. Keep in mind that clothes and footwear can get dirty.

How long does a paintball game last?

At Powerarea you can choose between 1 hour and 2 hours of paintball.

How many paintballs are included in a game?

Each game includes a number of paintballs. The number depends on the playing time you choose. Look at the specific products for more information. In addition, it is of course also possible to buy extra paintballs. This can be done in our webshop and on location.