In our private karaoke rooms you can sing along to your favorite hits with friends, families and colleagues. From rock tot disco fever, 70's to 90's and much more. With our VIP beverage service you will be served while you're singing so you don't have to leave the karaoke room. You can also enjoy delicious cocktails (or mocktails). Our private karaoke rooms are the ideal (musical) outing for bachelor parties, team and company outings and groups of friends.
What can you expect?
  • 3 Atmospheric karaoke rooms with more than 20,000 hits
  • Unabashedly sing along to your favorite hits for 2 hours!
  • Separate bar and VIP drink service in the private karaoke rooms
  • Delicious cocktails (and mocktails)
  • Combine with other activities


What is a private karaoke room?

Normally, karaoke takes place in a bar / room where everyone can participate in the karaoke and therefore everyone can watch and listen. A 'private karaoke room' is an attractively decorated room with a separate karaoke unit. You can reserve this room separately for your group. You determine the songs yourself through a karaoke unit and you are alone with your own company. You can also use the VIP drink service!

How many people are allowed in one private karaoke room?

We offer 3 private karaoke rooms. Two rooms are suitable for 2-4 persons and one for 4-6 persons. It is therefore possible to divide larger groups over several karaoke rooms.

How long does 1 karaoke session take?

You reserve a private karaoke room for 2 hours per room as standard.

Are there other prizes for children?

No, we use the same prices for children as adults. We do not distinguish between the duration of a karaoke session and / or the number of songs available.

Is it possible to have a drink while singing?

Of course! The karaoke rooms have a separate bar with, among other things, delicious cocktails. In addition, we offer the VIP drink service and our employees are happy to bring the drinks to your karaoke room, so that you can continue to sing!