This package is suitable for everyone! Sing-a-long with the greatest hits in one of our private karaoke rooms and then tag your friends in a lasergame battle. These packages are suitable for team and family outings, groups of friends, etc. Of course all our packages can be expanded with extra activities.
What can you expect?
  • 1 x 2 hours private karaoke room
  • 1 x 15 minutes lasergame
  • Minimum 4 participants
  • Maximum 4 participants in the private karaoke rooms 'The Music Box' and ' The Beat'
  • Maximum 6 participants in the private karaoke room 'The Record Room'

View the various activities on our website in advance of your reservation/visit for additional information per activity.



At Powerarea you can enjoy a delicious drink and snack in one of the three bar areas in between activities. Complete your reservation with a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet! In addition, you can of course also enjoy our delicious beer tasting and snacks.


What's important to know?

For all activities there are a number of things that you should take into account during your visit to Powerarea. Therefore, check before making your reservation/visit the various activities on our website for additional information.

Can I extend my package with extra activities and food?

Of course, that is certainly possible! When you book an arrangement in our webshop, you can add extra activities. Contact us by email to book a buffet.

What does our group outing look like when we visit Powerarea with a large group?

Larger groups are divided into multiple teams. The group size of a team depends on the activity(or activities) and the total number of participants. Of coures you can make the teams in advance. Each team will then play the reserved activities. If desired, you can then enjoy a snack and drink or a delicious buffet.